Get To Know Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca Edwards puts the R E in Real Estate.

Rebecca grew up in Bartlett and graduated from BHS. She now lives in Lakeland with her husband and two children. She’s very familiar with the Memphis metro area and can help you whether you’re in Bartlett, Memphis, Oakland or anywhere you choose to call home.

Having been in the real estate industry for many years, it was time to expand to be able to serve others with the same quality of service her clients have come to appreciate and expect. As a result, Rebecca started the Lumiere Team at Keller Williams Memphis.

What does lumiere mean and what does it have to do with real estate? Lumiere is a French word meaning light. Rebecca is passionate about real estate and the joy it brings her clients, as well as herself. She wanted a name that reflected the “light” that shines in the eyes and faces of her clients when they’ve found their dream home, or reminisce about the memories they’ve made in their current home, or find the perfect new space for their thriving business. Rebecca’s maiden name happens to be French. Literally, it’s the word French. So, she chose Lumiere for the meaning “light” and to give a respectful nod to her beloved maiden name.

Rebecca loves her career and enjoys making the real estate process easy for you so you can enjoy it too! Real estate is her passion and that shows in her attention to detail and love for her clients. Let Lumiere Team light your way home.

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