Located in Shelby County, the town of Arlington is home to approximately 11,634 Tennessee residents. Arlington has a land area of 20.4 miles. When you consider the land area and the current population, this area has a low population density of 571 people per square mile. This is considered low.

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Arlington Schools

Students in this area are served by Arlington Community Schools. This school district is comprised of Donelson Elementary School, Arlington Elementary School, Arlington Middle School, and Arlington High School.

Arlington Elementary School enrolls approximately 850 students annually in grades K – 5. Donelson Elementary School enrolls students in grades K – 5, and their mascot is the Bulldog. Arlington Middle School enrolls approximately 922 students annually in grades 6 – 8. Their mascot is the Tiger. Arlington High School enrolls students in grades 9 – 12, and their mascot is the Tiger.

The percentage of residents with a high school diploma or higher is 97.1 percent. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 41.3 percent.

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Arlington Parks & Recreation

Arlington’s Parks and Recreation Department manages nine parks that cover a total of 68-acres of land. Many of the parks are used for sports and other community events. Neighborhood parks include Mary-Alice Park, Dixon Robinson Park, Doctor Logan Park, and Village of Arlington Neighborhood Park. Other parks include Arlington Sports Complex, Douglass Street Community Park, and Forrest Street Park. Playground of Dreams is a community playground.

The Arlington Parks and Recreation Department also provides youth sports programs for the area. Programs include basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, and baseball.

Located in Depot Square, you’ll find The Community Garden. This beautiful area comes members of the community a chance to get together and nurture a variety of plants, flowers, and bushes. The garden has an outdoor classroom, picnic area, and a composting area. There’s also an observation trail. The Arlington Garden Club is often on hand to provide assistance to those who need help with their managed gardening plot.

The Senior Citizens Center, located on Chester Street, is open to residents who are age 50 and over. Each Monday, the center hosts Gentlemen’s Coffee. On Wednesdays, they host a Bible Study. One Friday a month, women gather for a SHARE group. They also offer fitness classes, craft programs, game days, music and dance events, and a book club.

Arlington Weather

The average high temperature for this area is 83 degrees in August, but it can get as high as 93 degrees. The average low temperature is 42 degrees in January, but it can get as low as 32 degrees. The month with the highest amount of rainfall is April with an average of 5.9 inches. The air quality index for the Arlington area is better than the nation’s average by 11 percent.

Arlington Real Estate

The median home value for this area is $221,947, but you’ll find homes for sale in a variety of price ranges. Whether you’re looking for new construction or something with the charm that comes with time, you’ll find plenty of impressive homes in Arlington.