Located in Shelby County, Germantown is home to approximately 39,141 Tennessee residents. This city is considered a suburb of Memphis, and the average commute time for residents in 21 minutes.

Homes for Sale in Germantown

Germantown Schools

Students in this area are served by the Germantown Municipal School District and Shelby County Schools. Schools within the GMSD include Dogwood Elementary School, Farmington Elementary School, Riverdale Elementary School, Houston Middle School, and Houston High School.

Shelby County Schools include Germantown Elementary School, Germantown Middle School, and Germantown High School.

The percentage of residents with a high school diploma or higher is 97.3 percent. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 64.8 percent.

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Germantown Parks & Recreation

Germantown’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains 29 parks and recreational facilities that make up over 750 acres of land. They also mange over 30 lakes and ponds that are enjoyed by residents who like to fish. With a valid fishing license, you can fish for bass, catfish, and bream.

The Bobby Lanier Farm sits on 10 acres of land and is home to the community garden, a farmer’s market, and a variety of programs for children. In Riverdale Park you’ll find Everybody’s Tree House, which features play equipment that is accessible by people of all abilities.

With scenic overlooks, picnic areas, plant displays, and education stations, Wolf River Nature Area is a favorite of both residents and visitors to the community. The park features a human-scale beaver lodge, a boardwalk for viewing turtles, and a tree stump learning station.

Those looking for sporty ways of enjoying the day will find plenty of opportunities in Germantown. The Disc Gold Course at Johnson Road Park has an 18-hole course that is free to play. Croquet Lawn Courts and Party is popular for group events. Skaters of all skill levels enjoy Houston Levee Skate Park.

Germantown Weather

The average high temperature for this area is 83 degrees in August, but it can get as high as 93 degrees. The average low temperature is 42 degrees in January, but it can get as low as 32 degrees. The month with the highest amount of rainfall is April with an average of 5.9 inches. The air quality index for the Germantown area is better than the nation’s average by 11 percent.

Germantown Real Estate

The median home value for this area is $296,300, but you’ll find homes for sale in a variety of price ranges. There are around 14,760 households in this area and 84.1 percent of residents live in homes they own. Germantown has 76 neighborhoods that have homeowners associations or neighborhood committees.